How to nominate my charity?

Support Team -

You can't find your preferred Charity on SimplyGiving? Not to worry you can nominate them by completing the 'nomination form' show at the top of the search results page.

Where's the form? Here's the step...

1-  Click on 'Discover Button' from the Main Page


2- If you do not want to discover Charity or cause by location, category or even key word, Click on 'Discover Now' button without choosing any. Learn how to use our Discover feature


3-  Click on the 'Nominate them here' and you will re-direct to a nomination form.


4-  Please complete the form with the organization details and your details as well. Once you have completed, do not forget to click on the 'Submit Nomination' button.


Once we receive your nomination we will get in touch with the nonprofit on your behalf and help them get registered with so you can start your fundraising. Don't worry we haven't forgotten you yet -  we will definitely in contact with your once we have contacted your Charity.

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