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Update: Wednesday 7 May 2015

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Kristofer Rogers
Chief Executive Officer

Over the past week the platform experienced an increased decline rate on donations, principally affecting MYR and HKD currency donations. As soon as we received support requests from our donors and nonprofit partners we escalated the issue to our payment gateway provider. During the initial investigations I also personally established contact with their Executive team, who were able to escalate the matter on behalf of our partners.

This investigation revealed a wider problem with several issuing (cardholder) banks. Specifically, the configuration of their 3D authentication processes - a new added layer of customer protection for online transactions. Regionally, this problem was impacting all 3D transactions, resulting in a generic 'Do Not Honour' response without notifying the donor.

Despite this being out of our control, our support teams have worked 
tirelessly with the issuing banks to resolve the matter. Having now completed a 72 hour  monitoring process I am happy to report that the issue is now fully revolved. Our donors are able to transact successfully and, as ever, securely.

SimplyGiving.com are proud to deliver a powerful, secure and enjoyable giving experience. Our transaction fees are amongst the lowest available in the region, which is something we are extremely proud of. Despite this, we regret the inconvenience caused by these issues, and I wanted to take this opportunity to personally apologise to our donor and partners. 

Together, we can make a difference. 


Kristofer Rogers 

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