How do I create a staff fundraising event or campaign on my corporate account?

Support Team -

You can create a specific campaign or event page is by contacting us on and requesting we create this page for you. Tell us about your plans and the fundraising event you want to run. We will help you create a page, and this will then appear on your corporate page under a 'Current Events & Campaigns' section. (This section is only visible if you have added an event or campaign, otherwise you won't see anything.) You can then direct staff here to either donate or create a fundraising page specifically connected to this event.

Or to do it yourself, you can login to your SimplyGiving dashboard, and go to the Fundraising Events tab. Click on "Create Fundraising Event" (on the top right corner) and follow the instructions.


Select the Nonprofit beneficiary that you are running the fundraiser for, as the Beneficiary.


And click on "Create" (scroll to the bottom) once you have filled out the page.


And one final step! To make the page visible to the public, click back to the "Fundraising Event" tab and click on "Show" against the page you have created. And to continue editing the page, click on "Edit". (Note: you can edit your page at any time.). To add photos, click on "Gallery".


If it's all too much, just email us at! We'd love to hear from you anyway. We will provide the guidance and assistant that you need to make your CSR fundraising campaign a great success!


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