Where does traffic to SimplyGiving.com come from?

Support Team -

SimplyGiving.com is the largest online giving community in Asia, which means we're reaching a lot of active fundraisers and donors. We grow this community organically through: 

  1. Peer-to-peer promotions
  2. Social channels
  3. Links from charity partners 
  4. Major third party events

We are a peer-to-peer network, which means for every fundraiser who creates a page we're reaching out to their social and professional networks for support. Making it easy to share pages is at the core of what we do. In fact, we're now integrated with Facebook, which means our reach is even greater. 

We encourage our partners to link to their SimplyGiving.com cause page to empower their supporters. Similarly, we work with large event organisers to reach event participants with a fundraising message. 

Together, we can grow our online community and increase funds raised. 

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