How do I create a Fundraising Page?

Support Team -

Creating a Fundraising page is easy. 

If you are new with us, which 'Join Us' and choose 'Start Fundraising'. Follow the steps and you are on your way to becoming SimplyGiving's Fundraising Champion. 

You would then need to sign up with us, but if you are an existing member, you can key i  your username and password if you are not yet logged in. 

Choose 'What you will be Fundraising for' 

Next, choose from the hundred of charities that are on board with us. 

Personalise your page, 
p.s. Don't worry if there is anything that you need to update it can be done from your profile! 

Last but not least, uploading your images. 

Congrats! You are on your way to becoming the next SimplyGiving's Champion!! 

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