How to search for Charities, Donation Appeals, Fundraiser or Events?

Support Team -

With our Discover feature it will make it easier for you -  this  help you to search for your favourite charity, causes, fundraiser or events by location,category or even keyword. Isnt that awesome?

Follow the step below and you will be a champion;

1- Click on the 'Discover' button. Our Discover button does not only shows specify on Homepage, you will be able to find it on right top bar which it always be there even though you are not on main homepage.  

2- Once you click 'Discover', you will be re-direct to our discover feature page. 

3- Click on the highlighted wording (Green), a drop down list will pop-up and you can choose from the list given. Please continue to click on other Highlighted wording whereby it will help you to search on category, location or even keyword.

4-  Once you have chosen your category and so on, you will be able to see the list provided from the chosen search you did previously. 

If you already have a specific search on charity, fundraiser or etc that you want to find, don't worry you can always go for a quick search.

Does this help? if it doesn't please do connect with us through Live Chat or send your enquiry to our Support Desk.

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