What engagement tools do you give us to reach fundraisers?

Support Team -

SimplyGiving.com understand that technology is just half the game, and our partners need help with fundraiser engagement, and opportunities to reach out to new donors to get them more involved. We continue to develop around this need and provide better support tools to help you on the journey to a better fundraising result (wow, what a cheesy line, but you get what we mean right?!). 

Engagement Tools

In 2014, SimplyGiving.com are launching a relationship management module that makes it easy to communicate with your fundraisers by setting up scheduled emails, for example, that are triggered when fundraiser reach important milestones. 

Support Services

Once registered with SimplyGiving.com you can access the following tools and templates: 
  • Email Templates for Fundraiser Engagement - simply copy/paste templates that are professionally written to engage with potential event participants or campaign supporters. Choose from more than 10 carefully crafted emails designed for specific times in your event promotion (for example, 1 month to go - 1 week to go etc.).
  • Phone Scripts - Access cheat sheets to use when engaging with your fundraisers and donors via the phone, with tips and guidance of what to ask and how to ask it! Again, created by professionals with extensive experience in fundraiser and donor acquisition. 
If you would like to discuss these resources in more detail, your SimplyGiving.com Relationship Manager can help you out once you are registered. Not registered? Complete the online registration form now

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