A friend donating on behalf of me, will I receive the Tax Exemption Receipt?

Support Team -

You having problem with you Credit Card or Debit Card and will need someone else Credit Card to Donate on behalf of you.

Basically, if your friend/family is Donating on behalf of a you, as through our System she/he will need to filled up your Details (Name, Contact Number and etc.) but not theirs as the Tax Exemption Receipt(TER) will be under your Name -  even though the Card is under her/his name.

Basically you won’t need to notify us nor the Charity on the Donation you make, because once she/he filled up the details with your Name the Tax Exemption Receipt (TER) will be under your name but not theirs. The system will detect on the Details which you filled in.

Tax Exemption Receipt (TER) does not cater by SimplyGiving.com it will be issued by benefiting nonprofits of your Donations.

Should you have any enquiry please do not hesitate connect with us.

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