I have use my email for personal Fundraising account, can I use the same email to register my organisation?

Support Team -

Great news! You absolutely, be able to manage your Personal Fundraising Account and your Organisation Account using the same email address. 

Both account will be parked under the same Dashboard. How to identify you are in which account when you login? Once you're log in to the account, nonprofit account will be set a primary. You will be able to see the 'Admin Menu' on the left side of the page is Nonprofit information. 

Don't worry, you still able to create a Fundraising account page with your own personal activity that does not relate to your Nonprofit. But please take note, if your team member able to login the organisation account with your credential -  it means that they will be able to access your personal Fundraising account as well. 


Click here if you want manage your personal page, since you have register both of Fundraising account & Nonprofit account with the same email address?





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