New Features Summary (Updated August 2016)

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Feature Release Summary for April 2016

  1. New Fundraiser Notification Opt-In choices
    This allows fundraisers to opt in and out of various notifications from such as new donations.  Find out more here.

  2. New Fundraiser Admin Dashboards
    Have a Quick Access to Personal Fundraising & Personal Donation activity. Find out more here.

  3. New Gallery Display & Feature
    Its super easy to view images from Fundraising Page,Events,Cause page, etc. Find out more here.

  4. Donor Pays Opt-in Choice
    This allows our partners to opt in and out for the feature . Find out more here.

  5. Predictive Search
    You start typing and it will show matched results in each group. Find out more here.


Feature Release Summary for May 2016

  1. Cropper Tool
    Allows cropping to fit logos and banners to our recommended dimensions. Find out more here

  2. Rest Password
    Allows user to reset their password from Dashboard Account. Find out more here.

  3. Custom URL
    Allows your donors to be redirect to your own (Website,Facebook,blog) after they make a successful donation. Find out more here.


Feature Release Summary for July 2016

  1. Customise your own Thank You message
    You may create your own or give the opportunity to your Fundraiser to customise their own.
    Find out more here.


Feature Release Summary for August 2016

  1. Currency Pro
    This means that you can now donate to your Charity, Social Enterprise or favourite Fundraiser in one of six currencies no matter where they are based. Find out more here.








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