Doing Well by Doing Good

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We participated in the inaugural “Philanthropy for Better Cities Forum” held in Hong Kong on 22 September 2016. Read about SimplyGiving on the Road here


A major theme of the discussion was companies can "do well by doing good", and should no longer just dabble with philanthropy on the sidelines but to strategically build business models that tackle social and environmental issues. That in itself creates new market opportunities and makes good business sense.


Professor Michael Porter of Harvard Business School, in his keynote address, urged companies to partner with NGOs to implement shared value solutions – which combines complementary strengths to achieve collective impact. This trend would create a shift from grants to fee services. NGOs can leverage the private sector to dramatically increase scale and impact. (Click here for more on the Forum)


Simplygiving’s social lending platform is designed for social enterprises or NGOs that are adopting a business approach in addressing social and environmental issues on a scalable and sustainable basis. This will give our partners access to “patient” capital, that is balanced on creating impact and adopting a long-term funding horizon where needed. For more information about social lending Click here. And get to know some of our social lending projects here.

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