Why is my donation not showing on the fundraising page?

Support Team -

Have you donated to a fundraiser or cause and the donation is not displaying on the page despite receiving an email confirmation or receipt?

Don’t worry, your donation is safe, but sometimes there is a delay in the third party banking system notifying our platform about the transaction - this is most often due to a slow or intermittent internet connection or temporary third party banking glitches. Because of the audit checks we have in place, your donation will be correctly attributed, usually within 24 hours.

Here’s the science bit…

Because some online banking systems can go wrong, SimplyGiving.com runs a daily automated consolidation of the platform to reconcile our reports with the payment gateways used to process donations. If the donation is still not displaying on the page after 24 hours, simply lodge a support ticket and we can help you out.
We take security very seriously, and have various processes in place to verify registered nonprofits and ensure all donations are accounted for.

Please use our Live Chat to connect with us in real time or you can submit your inquiry to our support desk.
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