How do I make an anonymous donation?

Support Team -

When you're ready to make a donation to a nonprofit on (whether directly to their cause page or via a fundraising page), simply click the 'Donate' button.

On the third(final) page to complete, you are given the option to tick a box which says 'Make my donations anonymous'. This means there won't be any personal details on the cause or fundraising page you are donating to - it will simply show the donation amount, and 'Anonymous donor'.

The nonprofit will be able to access your personal details from their private admin dashboard for accounting, receipting and thanking purposes, although you can also de-select the 'I would like to receive updates from the charity/cause' box (at the bottom of the page before clicking 'Complete Donation') to remove yourself from their mailing list. 
Yellow arrow showing the (Tick Box) to make your donation anonymous
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