How to configure TER setting?

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Have you noticed an IC field in a TER form

This stands for Identity Card -  so the IC number is a unique identity number used in Singapore ad Malaysia to uniquely identify people. 
In this case -  an IC number is required for tax purpose to enable the donor to legitimately claim the tax benefit  of their generous deed! Don't worry - you can remove the IC field from your donation form!

It is very easy to configure you TER Setting! Here's the step:

  •  Login in to your Dashboard with your Registered Email and Password,
  •  Click on 'Profile' from your admin menu and scroll down to the bottom of the page and you'll see 'Tax Exempt Receipt Configuration' section. 
  • You given a choice each section to whether make it (Not Applicable, Required or Optional), it all depends on your Nonprofits. ;)


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