How do I delete an inappropriate fundraising page?

Support Team -

It's important for an organisation to ensure that its fundraising activities are in line with their general code of conduct and acceptable fundraising practices. Whilst it is extremely rare, there may be instances where a statement or image needs to be adjusted or removed. 

When a fundraiser creates a page under your nonprofit, you will be notified via email immediately. Should you feel that pages created by a fundraiser are inappropriate or contravene your code of conduct you can lodge a 'priority ticket' to our helpdesk requesting that the page is removed or email us at will advise the fundraiser about the breach as part of this process and, if appropriate, help them rectify the breach and continue fundraising. 

The nonprofit administrator can also login to their SimplyGiving account, go to the Fundraiser Pages tab, and select the fundraiser page they wish to delete and click on "Hide". Then inform SimplyGiving to help you to delete the page.

If donations have already been received by the fundraiser, will also contact these donors on your behalf to confirm that they are happy for the funds to be honoured or if they require a refund.

Don't worry - nothing will be off your radar, as mentioned, all registered nonprofits receive email notifications when new fundraising pages are created, or new donations are received via Furthermore, any donations raised will be remitted by SimplyGiving directly to the nonprofit, and not to the fundraiser. This makes our process very secure and transparent.

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