How can we best use Facebook, Twitter and other social media to promote our page?

Support Team -

Using social media to support your campaigns and fundrasing on is vital - but it doesn't need to be complicated or time-consuming. It's a great opportunity to be creative about how you engage with supporters. You should see your social media channels as part of your wider online fundraising 'strategy', alongside your presence and promotion on our portal. They should all link together and reference each other.

It is a good idea for one person (or one team) to be responsible for all your social media - ideally the same people who are managing your online fundraising. You need to think about your preferred balance of fundraising messages and cause messages - and how often you want to post to/update your social media pages. At the very least, you should try to change your status or tweet/post an update once a week. Some charities aim to do this three or four times a day, but you need to find what works best for you. 

You should try different types of messages (news announcements, project updates, fundraising events, 'behind the scenes' insights, special mentions for people fundraising for you on our portal, etc.) to see what your supporters respond best to - every charity's online donor/supporter profile will be different and you will be the experts in what works for your online audience. Everything you do should link to your cause page so you are consistently prompting people to actively engage with your cause.

In summary - do little and often, have fun and be creative!

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