How and when are funds transferred to my nonprofit?

Support Team -

SimplyGiving transfers funds on a monthly basis, on the 15th of each month for donations collected in the previous month. It gives us time to do our internal reconciliation and set up the bank transfer.

So, for example, we will remit all funds raised in the full month of July on the 15th of August. You will receive an email from our Finance Team when they have remitted your funds to your bank account and on top of that they will include a bank remittance receipt and donation report to help you with easy reconciliation. 

We appreciate that there may be emergency fundraising cases where funds are required quicker - in these instances, please contact us directly at  

Important Note: Bank accounts must be officially allocated to the registered nonprofit entity or Social enterprise. do not remit funds to a personal or non-related accounts unless verified by the nonprofit beneficiary and at our discretion. 

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