What is the difference between an event, an appeal and a campaign?

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Lots of people ask us the difference between these terms and, to be honest, many organisations use them interchangeably. However, as a loose rule of thumb, you can think of them like this:

Traditional fundraising events: gala dinners, golf days, flag days, etc. (events that happen on a certain day)

Peer-to-peer fundraising events: walks, runs, cycle rides, etc. (events that happen on a certain day and are usually a physical or mental challenge for participants so they are able to raise funds in sponsorship from their friends, families and colleagues to take part)

Campaigns: Fundraising requests for a specific reason - for example, celebrating your nonprofit's anniversary or to raise awareness of, and funds for, a particular topic

Appeals: Fundraising requests for a specific purpose or project - for example, buying a new minibus or expanding an area of your current services

Capital appeals: Fundraising requests for a specific purpose or project that is outside your projected annual running costs - for example, raising money for a new building

The key difference between an appeal and a campaign is that an appeal has a set target which is needed to achieve the desired result (e.g. buying the minibus, or building an extension); a campaign is simply to raise as many funds as possible towards a specific focus (so the more you raise, the more you can do in that area of your work). However, both types of request should have a financial target and illustrate what you can achieve with that total amount.

Nonprofits can create a specific page for all or any of the above which will sit on their cause page.

'How do I create an event and campaign page?' or 'How do i create an appeal on my non-profit' to find out more.

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