How will I know if my donation is successful?

Support Team -

You will receive an automated payment confirmation email which will state all the relevant details about your donation. All successful donations will also be reflected on the fundraising page real-time so feel free to check the page. 

If you did not receive the automated payment confirmation email and it is not reflected on the fundraising page, please check your card statement or bank account.

If your card statement or bank account does not show the transaction within 24 hours then the donation was unsuccessful. There could be a few reasons why the donation was unsuccessful:

1. Weak internet connection - Ensure you have a stable internet connection when you are making the donation
2. Insufficient funds - Ensure you have sufficient funds in your bank account
3. Card limit is too low - Check with your bank to increase the limit
4. Cards without 3D-secure authentication feature - Check with your bank if your card has the feature
5. Incorrect credentials - Ensure you have keyed in the correct card/bank account number and personal information

If everything mentioned above works fine, please try donating again or send us a Support Ticket via our Helpdesk or email with the following information:

1. Name
2. Email Address
3. Chosen Beneficiary
4. Link to Fundraising Page
5. Amount 

We will be in touch thereafter. 

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