Do I earn interest on the loan?

Support Team -

No, you do not earn an interest on the loans you provide.

Lenders do not receive interest on the loans they provide, nor does charge interest to the Beneficiaries/borrowers. Loans provided are considered "philanthropic" in nature. We are creating a sustainable way of giving. We passionately believe that these impact loans will lead to long-term social changes. So, instead of a one-off donation, over time your loan can be "reinvested" to create multiple impacts.

The only fee payable by our partners raising funds on is the one-off service fee of 5% (plus credit card and banking charges), regardless of the length/period of the loans.


Why does charge a service fee?

The small service fee collected means we can maintain and grow an exceptional team of developers and relationship managers to help our beneficiaries fundraise more and maximise their online fundraising. The team are experts in their fields - from sales and marketing, to fundraising and nonprofit management, to technology and development. We aim to set the bar in online fundraising in Asia and we offer exceptional support resources and training. Every cent we earn through our service fee is ploughed back into making our website and fundraising tools the best you will find in Asia.

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