What is the due diligence process conducted with the Beneficiary?

Support Team -

We are committed to best practice and strictly assess all applications to fundraise via SimplyGiving.com.

As well as mandatory requirements to provide supporting documentation, we collect additional information to conduct internal verifications including, but not limited to, domain checks, web services and, where necessary, face to face interviews.

Beneficiaries for the social lending platform are potential partners, such as Microfinance Institutes, NGOs and Social Enterprises, whose core business is either microfinance, provision of socially valuable services or goods to low income groups and/or goods and services that will deliver social and environmental impact, that are measurable.

Minimum requirements to register as a Beneficiary are:

  • A legally registered entity in your jurisdiction of operation
  • Your business contributes to one of more of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
  • Your impact is measurable
  • MFIs and NGOs operating in the microfinance sector must have a histroy (at least 2 years) or lending to the poor, marginalised and/or vulnerable people for the purpose of alleviating poverty and creating financial independence
  • Demonstrate financial and operational sustainability
  • Business bank account (we do not remit to personal accounts)
  • Minimum 2 contacts.

Supporting documents required:

  • Company registration certificate
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Audited financial statements / annual report (if available)
  • Government audit reports (if available)
  • Loan portfolio reports (if applicable)
  • Organisation structure and senior management profiles
  • Standard operating procedures for providing microloans (for MFIs), including credit checks and disbursement/collection processes.
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